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Mitch92016The Early Years

MZA President, Mitch Zerg, has family roots in the furniture industry that span three generations. He began working for his father's furniture design firm at a young age. The enjoyment of working side-by-side with his father, coupled with his knack for visualization and decor sensibility, helped lay the groundwork for the next step in the evolution of his career.

In 1978, Mitch made the move to a Los Angeles-based furniture manufacturer, representing Country English and Country French lines of finely crafted residential furniture. As an instrumental figure in growing that business, he worked to expand the company's scope from residential-only to hospitality, corporate, and studio furnishings. Mitch recollects, "This is where I learned that the success of a company is not limited by it's products, but rather by it's desire and ability to support them". With this revelation, an idea sprang forth...

Mitch Zerg & Associates, Inc. - The Beginning

Mitch packed up his many years of experience and founded his own independent rep organization in 1988. He recalls, "I saw a niche. I wanted to combine luxury residential sophistication with contract durability for marketing to the hospitality industry. I had already come to realize the importance of supporting a project every step of the way, from inception to completion, so I sought out like-minded furniture manufacturers and employees".

Beginning with public spaces and suites for hotels and resorts in North America, MZA flourished. The company became a success growing boutique, family-owned factories into major suppliers for hotels, commercial buildings, country clubs, museums, restaurants, spas, and other public spaces.

MZA Today

Today, Mitch remains true to his original concept. "I am really not surprised that ALL the factories I currently represent are family-owned because I learned my own core values from my family", he says. "In addition to incredible furnishings, we now offer unique and innovative lighting and unbelievably beautiful wall decor. With this lot, we can meet just about any design request with either boutique lines or custom crafting to client specifications. And I am truly grateful for, and proud of, my staff and associates. They do their best everyday to make MZA invaluable to each and every person involved in the incredible projects we are privileged to work on."

As an Ambassador sharing generations of knowledge and experience, we not only represent our manufacturers, but all parties involved in each project we are affiliated with. From selection to sample to installation, MZA has always proven to be an asset and an ally.

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Mitch Zerg & Associates, Inc.